About Us

Urban Caravans

Urban Caravans is one of the few manufacturers of caravans that uses TIG Welds in the manufacturing process. These TIG Welds allow for a tough no rot aluminium frame that produces a long lasting and sturdy caravan. These caravans are ideal for semi off road or full off road use.

Following from a family history steeped in Caravan manufacturing since the 1970's, Steve Trajcevski - the owner of Urban Caravans was intent on creating the perfect caravans.

In 2012 Steve drew on his experience with caravan manufacturing, metallurgy and upholstery and set out to build the ultimate TIG Welded, Aluminium frame caravan.

It did not take long for everyone to realise the potential of these new caravans so the brand grew exponentially.

A couple of factory upgrades later, Urban Caravans is now the default Australian go-to brand for TIG Welded Aluminium Frame off-road and semi off-road caravans.

The Touring Hub
Home of Urban Caravans - Melbourne

The Touring Hub is a proud member of the CD Motor Group, established in 2022, and located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

We specialise in the sales of new and used caravans, as well as running a robust and extensive service and repair workshop.

At The Touring Hub, our dedicated team strives to provide our customers with our Customer Driven philosophy in mind.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied before, during, and after their purchase. And they will have the best possible time when adventuring in their caravans.